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How many people are using Ruby now?
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How many people are using Ruby now?

It seems problematic to attract attention to a site that does little more than counting people who sign up.

Wouldn't it make more sense to use a more passive metric such as the number of members on WWR, or the number of contributors to Ruby related projects on GitHub?

I think this should get more lime light and people actually register. I too was excited by http://counter.li.org in my college days. People you use it, join it and promote it :)


I enjoyed the Linux Counter (http://counter.li.org/) in the early days of Linux adoption and so when we had some free time, one of my team tossed together a little app for registering and counting Ruby users. This is a really simple app with one purpose, and is in no way intended to compete with workingwithrails.com.

It's at http://www.rubyusers.com

If you think it's a good idea, please sign up.

If you think it's a bad idea, then I'm really sorry to have bothered you.

All the best,


Paul Klipp, Certified Scrum Practitioner Lunar Logic Polska Agile Ruby Experts


3 Posts
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