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RuGUI, A simple MVC framework based on Ruby/GTK


Ruby Web Frameworks

We all know Ruby on Rails is the most popular web framework for Ruby on the planet. Rails is the reason Ruby is so popular today, Rails is Ruby's killer application. I am very much in favor of using Rails but there may be times when a smaller or different framework is desired or just for the sake of choices. We also know once something becomes popular, it is duplicated, imitated or downright recreated. Ruby communities have experienced a surge of new web frameworks. Most of them are respectable and promising open source projects created by people who tried to create lightweight but valid alternatives to Rails. In fact there is a growing number of alternative Ruby Web Frameworks. In not particular order, here is a short list of available Ruby web frameworks.

Arrow, web application framework for apache & mod_ruby. Borges, a continuation based ruby-framework. Camping, a ruby-microframwork. Cerise, web-framework modeled on J2EE app servers. Coset, simple RESTful mapper for RACK. IOWA, an object based framework. Mack, a Rack based ruby web framework. Maveric, a lightweight web framework close to merb and camping. Merb is an MVC framework that is ORM-agnostic, Java Script library agnostic, and template language agnostic. Nitro, a ruby-based web2.0 framework. Rack, ruby web server interface & framework. Ramaze, Ruby amaze, MVC framework. Ruby on Rails, a full stacked MVC framework. Sinatra, classy web development dressed in a DSL. ServerSide, ruby web server & framework. Unicycle, EventMachine based RESTful framework. Vintage, a simple super slim micro web framework for rendering templates. Waves, ruby based framework that uses sequel as an ORM. Wee, [Web Engineering Easy] framework. Wisteria, a superfast microframework. Wuby, a lighwieght ruby framework.

2 Posts
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