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How is Ruby on Rails in India
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How is Ruby on Rails in India

Hey folks, How is Ruby and Ruby on Rails in India?? 6 months back there some startup companies working on ROR. currently some MNCs have started ROR. so will there be a boom in India like Java and dotnet??

I have to say one thing that Indians will surely not like.

I have yet to see anything good in Rails come from India with the exception of "Max Sur":http://www.workingwithrails.com/person/7756-sur-max

Everything that has come to me from India had to be rewritten because it was hacked together without any understanding of the framework.

If you are in India you can easily corner the market there by digging into the community and being passionate about "getting it right". And that means looking to the US and Europe where the best rails work is done.

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U r quite right Harish, I can see a lot of MNC's dealing with RoR projects. Rails is certainly making its way into the indian market .

There are lot of developers moving into RoR from languages like PHP,dotnet.

While James u might have had some bad experience with Indian coders , but belive me you can find a lot of good Indian RoR developers in this forum itself.

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hi i am rails enthusiast, and working with rails from last 2 years. i find rails very convenient and comfortable for web application. but also not getting the reason why more big companies are not working with rails in india ?? what is the issue in migrating or with staring new experience ?????? i am also interested to have your opinions on future of Ruby on Rails.

Hi to every body . I am working with rails from november 2007 .

i had my academic project even in ROR (it is some what interesting). and i got job on ROR it-self. --you can have wonderful support from the world (only in open source)

Clients save on resource and development costs, while managing the developers the clients get a sense of the developers being one of their own.

Now this is the time for booming in india

Ruby on Rails is slowly picking up in India. Currently its mostly SME's who have RoR being Open source (No license issue). Though there are some major giants like who have stepped into RoR. LAMP/LAMR is what exist.

RubyOnRails has been the center of attraction nowadays as after three successful barcamps organized by Persistent & ThoughtWorks it seems Rails has started roaring. surely its been a best bid and nearly 100,000 people around the country are learning and adopting rails for variety of purposes. although they tend to mix rails with certain POC startups but surely in mean time it has done better fireworks than PHP.

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