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My Rails Site www.babyphonedirectory.com
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My Rails Site www.babyphonedirectory.com

Thanks again for the feedback. I haven't added .csv file support yet, but I did add a mobile version of the site. Rails makes this really easy with MIME types. If you have a mobile device check the site out and let me know what you think!

a great effort. Keep going on

That's a good point. I have been looking into making smartphone apps that talk with the site via XML. But if .CSV is the standard I might be better off going down that path. Thanks!

Good idea!

From a practical point of view...

If I lose my phone I could have 300 or more numbers to replace. That would take me ages to copy down. Might be worth looking into the .csv format that Address Book and other applications use and then have an option to download your entire phonebook as a .csv file?

Thanks! It's still pretty small, but I'm hoping things will pick up.

its good website

Hey All,

I'm a novice rails developer, and I just finished deployment of my first rails site. It's a social networking site where friends can share their cell phone numbers. I'm hosting the site using OCS solutions.

It's pretty simple, but if you have any feedback that would be great!



7 Posts
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