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Feedback on a Time Tracker without Timers
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Feedback on a Time Tracker without Timers

Will it be used for other applications also ??

"Staff Time Management":http://www.labortimetracker.com/

hi john congrats for your smart work i saw your video its nice and quite interesting

its really good without stopwatches ,time sheets there is one time tracker good to hear.

online timecard

Hello everyone.

I'm after some feedback regarding a product I'm developing. It's a time tracker without timers for the Mac called Lapsus.

It's designed for busy freelance Rails developers who don't want to fiddle with stopwatches, timers or timesheets but want to track their time.

You work as normal, and Lapsus runs in the background and guesses what project you're working on.

I've got a 1 minute video and a Beta signup page at http://www.lapsusapp.co.uk

More details about how it will work are at http://tinyurl.com/lapsus1 and http://tinyurl.com/lapsus2

I'd be interested to hear what you think:

  1. About the idea
  2. About my site and the video

Thanks for reading.

John Gallagher Synaptic Mishap http://www.synapticmishap.co.uk

3 Posts
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