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Saral - Content Management System in Cloud Computing (Beta Release)
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Saral - Content Management System in Cloud Computing (Beta Release)

We are getting ready to release a multilingual content management system called "Saral" developed on the Rails platform.

Saral is a Multi-Lingual Content Management System (CMS) to help you create, manage and publish your website content in multiple languages. Saral is an easy-to-use CMS offered as a paid subscription service (SAS) in increasing popular cloud computing environment.

Saral is developed as a client/server application based on state of the art Ruby-On-Rails framework and takes full advantage of the Web 2.0 features offered by the Rails framework.

Release 1.0 of Saral provides fully integrated client API for Rails based applications and websites. Future releases will provide client APIs for Java, PHP, .NET and other languages / platforms.

we are looking for a selected group of users to participate in product evaluation program. As an early adopter of Saral you will be able to provide valuable feedback and request for the features that meets your specific requiremets. At the end of the evaluation program, you will be awarded a FREE one-year subscription to the SaralCMS product.

If you are interested in test driving Saral, please go to http://www.saralcms.com.

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