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Improving my Rails chops
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Improving my Rails chops

Hey folks,

I've built a few apps in Rails now (started back in V1.1), but having come from a UI development background I feel like there's a tonne of best practice stuff that could improve my skills, to make me a better developer and so that I feel confident enough to start going for possible Rails contracts.

I'm currently getting my head around BDD and RSpec in an attempt to understand how testing can improve my code, but was wondering could anyone point me in the right direction of how to become a good rails developer?

I've got the books (Pickaxe, The Rails Way, AWDWR, and Advanced Rails Recipies), and have seen a fair few of the Railscast videos, but feel like I'm hacking stuff to just get my apps working instead of doing it the 'right way'.

Any pointers are much appreciated :)


I'm just a beginning rails coder but have you looked for any local Rails meetups? That's how I got into rails and there are a number of good developers and a core contributor at my local Group (Fraser Valley BC). That's one place I would start to find a local Ruby Brigade meeting and ask your questions there. People could look at your code and tell you how they would do it.

Hey Les, I've checked out your potfolio - it looks great. I wish I could design like that :)

3 Posts
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