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New to Rails

Hi.. you can find some more usefull stuff regarding ruby on rails in this website www.rorexperts.com

Hi Curtis, I hope this is a useful resource for you: http://www.yoyobrain.com/subjects/490



I am currently working through Learning Rails by O'Reilly. I have also started attending a local Ruby Brigade meeting with some pretty hardcore developers so I have some good people to ask questions. Thanks for the suggestions.

Hey, I think you should read some trusted ruby on rails books. like

Agile Web development (prefer 3rd edition)

Rails Recepies. etc

Despite I am not a designer I would suggest you reading rails guides. You could start with intro http://guides.rubyonrails.org/getting_started.html and then continue with views where html and ruby code is mixed together.

cool. I was actually already following sitepoint so saw those. Hopefully I'll start styling something in the next few weeks.

try following link.


Really just wanted to say hi. I'm a frontend designer normally and have started to dig into rails from that perspective. Any tips from designers who have headed down this path would be great. Really any tips on what to watch out for at all would be wonderful.

8 Posts
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