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Where to look for projects to work on?
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Where to look for projects to work on?

I would be interested in using such site, and I would like to help you making one. :)

OK, what about second idea of building such site? Anyone would be interested in actually using it? Do you have feeling like mine that current sites like project4hire are useless, and, well, 10 years out of date in terms of functionality/usability etc?

I don't like the fact that they handle payments.

Hi guys,

I was wondering if you have any tips on where is good place where rails web development companies can look for projects/clients?

I have found project4hire.com but it doesn't very good to me as it's more suitable for freelancers I think.

Do you know of any web sites we could use?

I was thinking that good idea would be to have Rails "project market" web site where we could do these kind of things but apparently there is none.

3 Posts
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