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Looking for a CTO/Business Partner for start-up
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Looking for a CTO/Business Partner for start-up

I am an entrepreneur and the founder/CEO of Franglo Classifieds (http://www.franglo.com). Franglo (currently scripted in PHP) is a online classifieds platform for the expat/travel market.

I am looking for a CTO-style business partner, very experienced in RoR and Web Applications, for a new start-up project that will be use the existing Franglo (business) platform as a foundation.

This is an opportunity to get involved with a pre-funding start-up as a founding partner.If you fit the profile, are available, and are interested in getting involved in a start-up adventure, please get in touch. I'm happy to discuss the project in greater detail with appropriate candidates.

Hi David:

Just read your posting. Interesting idea. I am an experienced entrepreneur and a technologist with many years of technology and management experience. I have been working with RoR for the past three years. I am interested in learning more about your business idea. You can view my career profile on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/pteli

If you prefer, you can call me on my cell # (617) 538-0995

Best Regards.

Prakash Teli

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