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Do we need IDE for ROR
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Do we need IDE for ROR

Hello, personnally back to development after 20 years,I do use an IDE (netbeans 6.5) because I am not fond of command line and think Netbeans do the job pretty well (except for some specific tasks)


I have recently posted the first of a set of posts talking about Emacs. The first post http://blog.wyeworks.com/2009/3/23/emacs-cvs-installation explains the basic installation from the CVS repository. In the following posts I'll be showing how to add some plugins (ecb, rinari, nxhtml, yasnippets, autocomplete among others) to Emacs aiming to get the most enhanced installation of Emacs for Ruby on Rails development. Stay tunned.

Personally, I use Netbeans when I know I will spend whole day developing Rails app. But when there are only small fixes to be done, or specs to be run I just start console, vim, and this works great :). I also use console for SCM, hover you'd find pretty good support for this in NB too (Git via 3rd party plugin).

I am learning Ruby/Rails and I run Linux, most of the time Ubuntu. I have downloaded and used NetBeans a bit... but I always use gEdit (with plenty of plugins) or Vim, various command line tools, and the Firefox Add-on "SQLite Manager" to get at my data. It all works perfectly for my needs.

I don't like IDEs for Rails development. Emacs, TextMate, GEdit are more then enough.


Well Guys, Actually we don't need to use any ID's for ROR programming. We can use simple text editors or vi editors(linux). By this way, we can do fast development. We should not waste our time to install heavy Editors like Aptana, Netbeans etc.

I've ended up not using anything heavy. GEdit + theme + tree navigator + console - it's more than fine for now. I have a bit of trouble adjusting since it's all new to me, but it does feel right. Best part is comunity, I had trouble installing TabNav plugin, and the guy that made it helped me himself.. now that's nice :)

i guess if we want rails to be used by more people then we need an IDE, big platforms have it like JAVA and .NET. Rails can only grow if things are made easy for developers to adapt to it, yeh but i understand that we can loose the joy of being a Rubyist (ruby enthusiast)

18 Posts
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