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Do we need IDE for ROR
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Do we need IDE for ROR

I would like to know if you think that IDE is needed for ROR development. It seems to me like IDE, and xxxSenese i spoiling the experience. When I use netbeans and autocompletion... it's .NET all over again :)

What do you think?

hmm, I guess for people coming from .NET and Java, having an IDE helps them smooth the transition over to Rails.

but quite frankly, I don't miss auto-completion or a heavy IDE. I use textmate and i'm quite happy with it.

I am not big fan of IDE's primarily it eat's up my cpu memory and I am quite happy with the ruby console and also textmate makes it handy :)

I'm working with Rails more than one year and using NetbEans IDE, which has great support: svn, git, refactoring, gems maintain, dock-undock windows of IDE. So, this is useful and helpful development environment.

I am working with rails for about 2 years and I've never used an IDE. Emacs and TextMate are more then enough.


I am a TextMate + cmd line fan. Like someone was saying the other day at QCon, by the time a language/platform has an IDE, it's probably time to move on.

In WyeWorks we are using emacs with several plugins and we're very satisfied with it. The biggest drawback is that there is not a unique off the shelf installation that you can use for Ruby on Rails and Web 2.0 development. You have two major modes for Rails, several minor modes for Ruby, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript and so on. Then, you need to choose among them and mix them. If you get it right you can have tons of features. Currently i'm using emacs23 from cvs, ecb, rinari, nxhtml, yasnippets, autocomplete among others. I'm still working on improve my installation and i'm planning to make a public release. I'll be announcing it on our blog at http://blog.wyeworks.com.

I don't think an IDE is needed, but they can be helpful. I myself use a combination of TextMate, GitX or Syncro (SVN), terminal, and MySQL query browser (or Postgres). I've played with NetBeans, Aptana and RubyMine. I always find though at some point they get into my way. I think these IDEs would be ideal if you're on a Windows or Unix/Linux system, but they still are missing something in terms of the experience on Mac OS X. I find myself having to wrestle with the configurations and the text render just isn't as crisp as TextMate. When I'm staring at code all day - readability is important. It is nice though having your SCM, code, db, and console all in one app though.

Hmmmm, I am also agreed with others.

I am working on ROR from more than 2 years and I also never used any IDE. If you are working on Mac. you have TextMate- the ultimate player. If you are working on linux- emacs and gedit are very good. Now, good news for windows players as well they can use e-text editor[copy of textmate for windows], Notepad++ for development.

For being a rails developer I don't think that i need any IDE help for svn, git or gem maintenance etc........

Hey, i did't know that you don't get mail when someone comments on your post in this forum :) So basicly I am on to something when I say that IDE is not bringing extra value to ROR development. I am messing with gEdit myself and I find it quite ok. I didn't try TextMate so I don't know what I am missing. But for me there is something cool in just typing stuff out of your head, and not autocompleting all the time....

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