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Internet Explorer Free under Ubuntu Linux with VirtualBox
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Internet Explorer Free under Ubuntu Linux with VirtualBox

http://railsgeek.com/2009/3/2/internet-explorer-free-ubuntu-linux-virtualbox My job is web application development, so I have to test my projects under most popular browsers, like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Google Chrome. Firefox, Opera, GoogleChrome work great under my Ubuntu Box, and the other once work under Wine. Internet Explorer. It's pain to setup IE6 and IE7, because you can take a look of many bugs with render html and vml.

Just forget Wine for the purpose! Microsoft give us FREE virtual PC images with IE6, IE7, IE8 aboard! Don't you believe?

Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image Brief Description VPC Hard Disk Image for testing websites with different IE versions on Windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista IE6-XPSP3.exe 407.3 MB IE7-VIS1.exe 700.0 MB IE7-VIS2.rar 700.0 MB IE7-VIS3.rar 590.5 MB IE7-XPSP3.exe 512.0 MB IE8RC1-XPSP3.exe 495.8 MB

Licence: Free.



After you have file downloaded, just unrar it and add select VHD file extracted earliert to VirtualBox. link

This link might be helpful to install last VirtualBox for VHD image file using. And special present to Daniel is "Intel Pro" network adapter driver package ISO image! Just attach the file as CD-Drive image and install the Intel Pro 1000 in 2 minutes. "Download":http://railsgeek.com/intel_drivers.iso

Must try!

Hey Guys,

  On a related note, I just completed a blog post on how to get these VPC images running on a Mac using VirtualBox. It can be a little tedious to setup, but is worth it in the end.


HTH, Deepak.

Deepak, this is very useful article, thanks.

Nice, i already have a Windows installation on VirtualBox under my Debian Linux with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE6 and IE7 using multiple-ie. Your solution seems to be much more better. Thanks.

I am using the Internet Explorer I always use the site http://www.ip-details.com/ for My internet speed test process

6 Posts
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