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Sekhon Informatics - AJAX | WEB 2.0 | HTML | CSS | JOOMLA
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Sekhon Informatics - AJAX | WEB 2.0 | HTML | CSS | JOOMLA


Sekhon Informatics helps global companies navigate the shifts of the Flat World providing Information technology services such as PHP consulting, LAMP Consulting Company headquartered in Ludhiana, India. It process solutions on a global delivery platform as, AJAX consultant, Ruby consultant.


We are not the typical "computer-geeks", but we know the business and we present your business in a polished and professional manner. To provide world-class consulting and software development services that deliver…

                 - better Visibility
                 - better Accountability and Control
                 - better Time/Resource Optimization

than any other onshore or offshore alternatives. Sekhon Informatics is leading provider of commercial grade offshore software development services to technology and IT enabled SME’s worldwide.

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