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JRuby Co-Founder to Conduct Workshop on JRuby, Testing Java with Ruby
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JRuby Co-Founder to Conduct Workshop on JRuby, Testing Java with Ruby

JRuby Co-Developer to conduct Workshop on JRuby, Testing Java with Ruby

JRuby's tight integration with Java technology, together with outstanding libraries and frameworks from the Ruby world, makes development easier and more agile, while losing out any of the advantages of the Java platform. Now JRuby's co-developer himself, ThoughtWorks' Ola Bini, is coming this summer to India's biggest summit for the developer ecosystem - Great Indian Developer Summit (http://www.developersummit.com/) to demonstrate how to use JRuby build GUI applications using Swing, how to build web applications quickly using JRuby on Rails, and how to use JRuby to test your Java applications, using JtestR.

Ola Bini, an expert on Java, Ruby and LISP, will also conduct a workshop to get you up to speed on using JRuby. After a quick intro to Ruby and JRuby, the tutorial will show examples covering how the Java integration features work, how to use JRuby for testing and how to create Java Swing interfaces using one of the several frameworks for this. The second half of the tutorial will focus on JRuby on Rails, starting with a quick introduction to Rails, and then showing how you can improve your productivity by integrating Rails with your existing Java infrastructure.

Ola says the current way of testing in Java is cumbersome and not as practical as it could be. In contrast, the Ruby community is spending much time on continuously improving testing techniques. In his session on April 24, Ola will cover he way most testing of Java code is done currently, the problems with these approaches, how Ruby and its several frameworks can be used for good effect to test Java code, utilizing JRuby. The entire presentation will work around several code examples to make the testing concrete and useful.

Ola, the author of APress' Practical JRuby on Rails is known to like implementing languages, writing regular expression engines, YAML parsers and other similar things that exist at the border computer science, so attendees can gain many more valuable ideas from this top expert in the developer ecosystem.

About Great Indian Developer Summit

Great Indian Developer Summit, produced by Saltmarch Media (http://www.saltmarch.com/) is the biggest gathering of software developers from Java/J2EE, Microsoft computing technologies, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), Web 2.0, Ajax, Agile, SOA, and Enterprise IT. For both veterans and newcomers to the world of .NET, Java, and the Rich Web, the Great Indian Developer Summit provides participants with a well-balanced learning experience that guaranteed they went back with a richer understanding of the technologies that make a difference to their careers. See the GIDS 2008 Red Stripe Report: http://www.developersummit.com/2008/report/pdf/Red_Stripe_Report-GIDS08.zip

Over 3000 qualified and talented delegates - Source, attended GIDS 2008: The Hindu - Monday, 26 May 2008 (http://www.developersummit.com/2008/report/postPress.html). With outstanding educational sessions, powerhouse speakers, a high-profile award ceremony, GIDS 2009 will feature premium knowledge, action plans and advise from been-there-done-it veterans, creators, and visionaries.

For further information on GIDS 2009, please visit the summit on the web http://www.developersummit.com/.

A Saltmarch Media Press Release E: info@saltmarch.com

Ph: +91 80 4005 1000

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