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Play with Merb

We just released a Merb version of our open source RubyTime application. Most programmers need time tracking systems, so we built RubyTime initially as a good way for novice Rails programmers to familiarize themselves with Rails through tweaking their own time-tracking application. Now we're doing the same for Merb developers.

Here's the source: http://github.com/LunarLogicPolska/rubytime/tree/master

RubyTime started life as a simple time tracking system written by Lunar Logic Polska for internal use. We open sourced the code for two reasons:

1) It doesn’t make sense for every software company to have to re-invent the wheel. Anyone is welcome to use our solution if it suits their needs. 2) If there’s two things programmers understand, it’s time tracking and bug tracking. Back in 2005, Rails was new and everyone wanted to play with it. We made RubyTime open source so that novice Ruby developers could analyze it and play with it to develop their skills.

That was a long time ago, in Ruby years. With RubyTime 3.0 we’re doing the same thing, for Merb developers. Merb is an exciting new tool for Ruby developers and we think it’s going to have a big impact on the future of the language. This re-write of classic RubyTime using Merb is a great starting point for Rails developers who want to play with a Merb application.

Really useful information !!!!!


2 Posts
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