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the rails way (updated for Rails 2) ebook?
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the rails way (updated for Rails 2) ebook?

can anyone direct me to this?... I've found the ebook, but I believe it hasn't been updated for Rails 2... and I really don't like using paper

any help appreciated

Hey Paul, Even i face the same problem many times. Though i have the PDF copy of the book which contains all the changes made in rails 2.1.... May be it can help u. I am sending u through mail......

Sorry buddy, u didn't provided ur email ID on WWR, I m not able to send u the mail

Hi, I'm not into paper either :)

I'm not sure that's what your looking for but you might want to take a look here: http://envycasts.com/products/ruby-on-rails-22-package-deal

It's a PDF book and/or screencast about the new stuff on Rails 2.2. It's not expensive and there are some demos so you can take a look at what you're buying.

I'll warn you that's not a Rails Way updated, but if get the basics and the philosophy from the original one you just need to upgrade the tools. I hope it helps.

Cheers, Rafael.

Hi Paul,

This is the best Online Reading material i found out regarding rails 2.x. Try this out, it may help you....


5 Posts
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