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Leaflet Distribution Manchester
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Leaflet Distribution Manchester

Hi, I own takeaway in Manchester and I have just had 50,000 folded leaflets printed for a marketing campaign I am doing. The printing and design took 4 weeks to do and ive already missed the students all coming in, I was printing a special student offer for freshers week at first! I didn’t realise it took so long for the printing.

I now have 50,000 leaflets and were finding it hard to get them all out ourselves, we only handed out two boxes which is probably around 3500! Doe anyone know of a trusted leaflet distribution company in Manchester who will distribute door to door?

Hey, I own a hair dressers in fallowfield. We had 10,000 leaflets printed with a company called SK Print Design. They then distributed them door to door at £25 per 1000 households – which I thought was excellent since it usually takes us about a day to hand out a 1000 leaflets! If your thinking about distributing all those 50000 in a realistic time frame I would recommend you have a look at them. Their website is "SK Print Design":http://www.skprintdesign.com

Thank you for your help, but how do I know leaflets are distributed? Did you have a good response? The 50000 leaflets cost me about a £1000 to print and I don’t want them to throw away.

If you go to their website here it mentions some of the checks they have in place to prevent this from happening http://www.skprintdesign.com/distribute.html SK Print Design have been on the scene in Manchester for distribution quite a long time and I was told by recommendation to use them as well. We ahd 8,000 leaflets distributed 5 weeks ago and were still getting people bringing in the coupons. If your unsure, I would suggest just using them for a few leaflet drops first and see what the response is like…

Just had extremely high quality reseller information packs printed for..


By SK Print Design

Very good job guys!

http://www.tongkatfitness.com Ruby site with printing from SK Printing

Stefan Hoffman and me are both working on the following sites: http://www.tongkatfitness.com
http://www.world-anabolic-supplements.com http://www.medibot.eu http://www.newmanlibido.com http://www.stairfreeukltd.com All ruby apps most for shopify keep tabs on them!

If Anyone is looking for a good company that can distribute leaflets throughout the greater manchester area, please give us a call on 0161 202 6446

9 Posts
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