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Printing and Designing Business Cards and Leaflets
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Printing and Designing Business Cards and Leaflets

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theres lots of different folds out there, and most printers will offer some of them. If you need illustrations have a look at


Theres pictures of nearly all types folds including the more popular letter folds, z folds and gatefolds.

cheers, im putting together a folded leaflet to hand out door to door. Ive had a look at a few printing sites and they offer folding but do not say how they are folded, also what is a z fold and a letterfold?

Hey dan, usually most printers require you to add a 3mm bleed to business cards and leaflets. If your using adobe photoshop or some other design software, you can add this by making your document 6mm bigger in width and height. They will also need to be in 300dpi and CMYK colour format. Therese a good description of bleed here:

"The term bleed is used for all objects overlapping the border of your document. Let's say your working on a brochure with images against the sides of your pages. You'll supply the printer with a document somewhat larger then the final document will be. After the brochure is printed it will be cropped to it's correct size. The bleed in your document gives the cropping some room for error. The paper itself can expand or contract, the cropping machine could setup wrong or the person working on the brochure could make a mistake. There are a lot of factors that could go wrong with the cropping, if you wouldn't be using bleed the images wouldn't be neatly aligned with the side of your printed document."

Im trying to design my own business cards and leaflets so i can print them more cheaply. I understand that you need to create your designs in a certain printing resolutions and add something called bleed?

Any experienced graphic designers out there who can help!!!?

6 Posts
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