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Agile Web Development
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Agile Web Development

maybe try the book, by D. Thomas and D. Heinemeier Hansson..

So many people have so many different definitions of agile development that in my opinion, it's more productive to think of agile as an attitude than as a methodology. While there are a number of methodologies that support agile development, to look at agile development as a methodology itself is, I believe, to miss the point completely.

The question now is: What will you do with a definition of "Agile"?

Rails is an extremely Agile platform because it allows you to minimize the time between when your boss requests a feature, and when your users are using it. To do that, you must avoid excess work and waste, following these ideals:

  • ask your boss what the minimum possible requirements are for that feature
  • automate tests and deployment, to avoid rework and repeated actions
  • use tools that help minimize redundant coding
  • follow practices, such as pair programming, refactoring, and continuous integration, that keep code clean, DRY, and flexible

So the answer to "how to be Agile with Rails" is, generally, built-into all the verbiage you will ever read about RoR, anywhere.

-- Phlip http://assert2.rubyforge.org/

i will send you pdf containing the infor mation about agility


I am trying to find information on Agile Web Development but the only information i can find is on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agile_web_development

Can any one point me to any journals or information that I can use to help understand Agile Web Development more.

Thanks Andrew

5 Posts
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