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Which is the best recommended IDE for ROR?
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Which is the best recommended IDE for ROR?

I trayed only Rad Rails and Netbeans. But I think, the Netbeans, is the best, because, it have the perfect debugging. For starting programmer it could be a good choise.

Here's my vote for TEXTMATE

Hi, In Linux i use very much kate, it have all elements that posibilities manage entire proyects, present this caracteristics: - Have a list of open files - Directory navigator - Plugins - Very customizable - completing word system, not only reserved - proyect creation - very light consuption memory - Have shell window - etc

In windows i recommend Arachno Ruby IDE, but this is not free, but is not expensive

I've now switched to "jEdit":http://www.jedit.org for all my Rails work. Please see "this blog post":http://marnen.livejournal.com/23723.html for some info on my setup. It works beautifully -- way better than Eclipse with [Aptana|RadRails]. I highly recommend it.

Gedit + multiples plugins here. Never used Textmate, but as far I can see on videos, my Gedit config is nearly as efficient as Textmate.

Sometime Netbeans can be good, when working on big projects or when you want to do some refactoring.

Vim or Textmate

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I am a big fan of Open Source community. Thats why i like Netbeans IDE for rails a lot. --Open Source. --SVN support. --Developer's usability. --support for inbuilt rails commands.

I am also partially agreed with the fact that using IDE is somewhat like spoon feeding for Newbies and as a rails professional i would not suggest people to start working with full fledged IDE's.

I am using Aptana RadRails from 3 years. If your system supports then I would suggest you this IDE for rails.

The only thing you should consider about Aptana RadRails is that, it is based on Java and eat much of your memory. My Aptana takes around 500-600 MB of RAM. Which is pretty expansive

If you install subeclipe plugin with aptana you can get SVN support with in editor. Also if you install RadRails from on eclipse then you can install git plugin to get git support inside IDE. Git plugin doesn't install on Aptana, you need Eclipse for that.

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