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Which is the best recommended IDE for ROR?
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Which is the best recommended IDE for ROR?

Mac, Textmate, terminal for me. Speedy and powerful! As someone mentioned earlier, it is to your advantage to learn the key combos in Textmate. Awesome.

Another vote for vim.

It has syntax highlighting, and you can use Rproject to have a nice directory-listing that is Rails-friendly. That's all I need.

hmmm.. so no one uses Komodo lol..

guess im the only odd one out. On windows im waiting for notepad++ to catchup infact it sort of already has with its left side directory listing.

In my opinion i'd rather learn Vim then textmates shortcuts.

Ive tried a shed load of software from simple programmer's text editors to more complete ide's, the best for me have been Netbeans 6 and Aptana. Netbeans seems to be good for rails projects and also has the database view that is very useful , Aptana is very good rails ide and it also allows you to just create a non rails simple web project (ie xhtml, css, javascript proj ) Netbeans does not have this simple web project type. So far I find myself myself using Netbeans for rails projects, then for a non rails web projects, Aptana . Both have a lot of nice features.

At my company we only do Rails development and we have a pretty heterogeneous development team. About a third of the team develops over OSX, another 3rd on linux, and the rest on Windows (even one running on Vista). We use TextMate, NetBeans, Vim and RadRails, and I've had the opportunity of comparing them on a day-to-day basis in real-world projects.

Before getting to the Rails world I was working with Eclipse, so when I started with RoR I immediately installed the RDT+RadRails plugins. I've been using RadRails intensively for almost two years now. It's true that some versions were a bit buggy, but stability has improved largely for the last months (actually I'd say for over 6 months).

About memory consumption.. well.. Before working with RadRails I was using Eclipse for developing Java projects (4+ years with Eclipse after switching from JBuilder) and I cannot say installing RadRails made it use more memory than before. Eclipse has always been known for being a bit too heavy on that side. In Exchange you get a professional IDE with a bunch of cool features (even without the RadRails part).

If I use Eclipse on my old laptop, it's a bit slow, but my "new" one (~2 years old, 2Gb RAM) works pretty fast and can handle the memory requirements of Eclipse without any problems.

Even if I'm pretty good at the command line, and I still spend a lot of time there, I would say working with RadRails makes me far more productive than using a programmer's editor. The graphical debugger, the SVN integration, the Ruby/HTML/CSS/JavaScript code assist and some cool add-ons help me center on the creative part of the work as the IDE takes care of the routine. I also like the fact I can use the same IDE for PHP, Python, Air, Java, C++ or Ruby development. Helps me focus on the language and not on the tool.

That being said, any of my jobmates has the same productivity I do with their respective IDEs, so in the end I would say whatever rocks your boat should be fine. After all, we are an opinionated bunch, and it's a good thing we can choose :)

i use aptana .... its good

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i use vim too. althought i don't use the rails plugin because i don't want to get tied to one way of working.

i have on terminal open with 5 tabs: 1: WEBrick - i only run webrick here 2: Main - in this folder, i don't cd to any other directory. i stay in the root path so i can run script/* commands 3: Janitor - this is where i use vim. i cd around to the directory i need a vim a file 4: Logs - i have "tail -f log/development.log" running here 5: Console - i run script/console here

I have used jedit , textmate , gedit , e-texteditor, netbeans , radrails on linux , mac , windows platforms .
best IDE Windows = Netbeans Mac = Textmate Linux = Netbeans

I am using Emacs. This is a good IDE for development with Rails

I picked up 3rdRail at Railsconf and am trying the demo. I like it pretty well.

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