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Which is the best recommended IDE for ROR?
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Which is the best recommended IDE for ROR?

If u have mac, textmate, but is not an IDE is a powerfull text editor and have a lot of fatures.

For windows I think NetBeans is the best.

I dont use and IDE but text editors and I personally prefer VIM7 with rails.vim and project.vim plugins . But if you are a windows fan... then you might try Intype which is trying to become a clone for Mac's Textmate.

you could get it at "Intype":http://intype.info/home/index.php

BTW. Not to offend anybody but I feel RADRAILS/Eclipse is pretty damn slow...

OSX, Textmate, and Terminal - the trick with TextMate is to know all the hotkeys.

For a terminal I actually use "iTerm":http://iterm.sourceforge.net/ - it has more intuitive tabbing features.

Linux, gedit with lots of plugins and Terminals of course.

I used to use aptana, but I got tired of it eating up all my ram.

Gedit with a few plugins can pass as a poor mans textmate and its fast and only uses about 35M's of memory.

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Although I work on a Mac, I don't use TextMate. Rather, I use free tools: either Eclipse (with Aptana and RadRails, of course) or TextWrangler. I haven't yet seen anything that would make me think that TextMate is enough of an improvement over these tools to bother spending €39 for it.

Hi... i tried many IDE's but Finally i decided to use Aptana radrails.. - it is easy to use.. -offer many features and almost all feature others offer -Free *i tried IntelliEdit but im not impressed by it.. *

only radrails without aptana is not perfect(as per my opinion)...use radrails with aptana for better performance

i feel it is good to use notepad++ and context text editors instead of note pad


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I thought you all might be interested to hear that Aptana just released "RadRails 1.0":http://www.aptana.com/view/blog_front_page#/node/320

I agree with Marnen! Even I use mac but don't use Textmate. I didn't feel it is some sort of innovation over other free and opensource tools available such as emacs, vi or RADRails.

Just went over to the site, RadRails do seem interesting, especially since it's based on Eclipse. Will try it out

I'm enjoying Netbeans, it's just so easy to use. I found that aptana crashed when I was using it (September, last year), so I made the switch to netbeans which hasn't crashed like that.

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