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Math Learning site in Rails
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Math Learning site in Rails

I think this belongs in the General Discussion forum, not this one...

But, I'll answer you here anyway. I am not too sure what you mean by scaffold in this context. A scaffold is simply a fast way of making a CRUD for a given model.

Hello everyone I started building a a Children's math site in rails my idea is to create a rails site that teaches kids simple math + - * / with single digits the games will be written in ruby. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how the best way of laying out the site. I personal think sorta of a scaffold but instead new being posting a new blog it would start a new game within a subject.

adding game 1 scaffold subtraction game 2 scoffold

any ideas would be great or anyone intrested in helping with this please feel free to email me or twitter me

Thanks Gabrielg1976

2 Posts
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