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What OS do you ROR developers use?
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What OS do you ROR developers use?

Mac OS X Leopard with TextMate.

I Use Ubuntu Hardy and Windows Xp

Depends on where I'm working Windows with Netbeans :'( or Windows with MED TextEditor or Ubuntu with tuned Gnome :) and ever using Git

I use Ubuntu 8.10, but I keep thinking I'll snag a Mac mini this summer specifically for Rails and TextMate. I guess it's not just me!

I use RedHat Linux for a production server. I develop on Mac OS X Leopard with TextMate and GitX or Syncro SVN. I use Capistrano for my deployments and haven't any problems. I've also developed on Windows and Ubuntu, but OS X is my favorite.

Debian GNU/Linux with emacs, git, capistrano, mysql, memcached, etc. In production, same OS plus Apache with Phusion Passenger.

Ubuntu since 6.10 release.

ubuntu linux

I like to use the same OS like on my VPS, this is about Linux. Telling the truth, I have the same working environment on my laptop, as I will be use on VPS. Few advantages here: 1) have no unexpectation behaviour by my application 2) familiar shell commands and other stuff and something else

NetBeans 6.5

It is pretty sweet. The debugger alone makes it worth it. Bashing IDEs seems to be in vogue for whatever reason. If you haven't tried NetBeans it is worth a look.

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