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What OS do you ROR developers use?
What OS do you ROR developers use?

Mac OSX with TextMate. Wanna go back to Emacs, when have time to properly set it up.

I use Ubuntu Linux, but I had a small problems with rubygems.

Ubuntu with netbeans,,,, i believe its a good combination,,,,,,,,

Gnu/Linux 100% on my 3 machines.

Gedit most of the time, but I like Netbeans sometimes.

Mac OS X Leopard

I have fourteen Ruby developers in my company (can't say Rails anymore now that some of them are only working with Merb) and the breakdown is: Two on Windows XP, Six on various Linux flavors, and the rest on OS X.

Mac and Ubuntu Linux here. I use gedit, geany and TextWrangler for editors

well seasoned senior ruby on rails de...
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Intially I was tried with gentoo linux but later i on i was shifted to RHEL 4.0. Because on gentoo and Cent OS i was not able to install db2 express c 9.5 and its adapter. Now its working fine on RHEL4.

I'm using using Ubuntu and Fedora Core for the development and Cent OS for the deployment of the ROR Application. Previously, I am using window XP/Vista for development and Mac OS for the deployment of my ROR/PHP application.

I used Ubuntu for both development and deployment.

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