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What OS do you ROR developers use?
What OS do you ROR developers use?

i am using windows xp

Ubuntu 8.04 (32bit), using mostly gedit and 2 or 3 terminal windows does the trick for me. Have tried Netbeans and Aptana/RadRails but I am not really into the kind of automation they provide, so a basic editor with some minimal support (code highlight and integrated file browser) is more than enough for me.

i use: Win XP

For development, Mac OS X For production, Fedora Core and Cent OS

Linux.... :D

Using Win XP for development and Linux for deployment, but I plan on moving to a Mac pretty soon.

OSX at: Work Personal MacBook and iMac

Leopard and TextMate on all of them.

I hope I never have to develop in Windows again.

Most of the time Linux and Unix and sometimes MS Windows.

Mac OS X on my development laptop, Ubuntu Linux on my home server. I keep each updated to the latest version (right now that's Leopard and Hardy Heron). I just switched from Mongrel to Phusion Passenger on the server.

  • Me: OS X, Textmate
  • Boss: Ubuntu Desktop, SciTE
  • Coworker: OS X, Textmate
  • Deployment: Ubuntu Server
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