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What OS do you ROR developers use?
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What OS do you ROR developers use?

I'm just curious as to what OS most of you ROR developers use.

Just state what OS you use/have used.

I use Ubuntu Linux for all my work. I occasionally develop on a remote BSD server. I also have a Windows machine which I use when I have to work with an audio program.

btw, does this forum have a poll feature?

I use windows 2003 Server( 64 bit ), it is doing good

I don't think WWR has poll feature now, but I am sure it will be in the list of new features to be added to the site.

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I use * Mac OS X Tiger (90% of my time) * Ubuntu (Hardy release 64bit) (10% of my time)

The thought of having to go back to windows (& Cygwin) makes me wince now.

ubuntu with the drive shared onto my windows machine(s). So all actual coding is done in windows.. but the dev server is ubuntu.

I use Mac OS and Linux for ROR development.

I currently use Mac OS X for all of my ROR development, but I deploy all application to GNU/Linux (Debian) or Ubuntu distributions for production. I have also used Debian in the past to develop applications, but I think one of the main reasons people use (or even buy) Mac OSX is because of the TextMate editor.

@Tim Watson, Do you share it accross a common FAT32 partition?

@Josh Martin, Have you tried vim? TextMate looks great too but I can't try it out since I don't own a Mac thought I'm looking to get Mac Laptop soon

My setup is much like Josh's. I dev on my MacBook and run a dev server using ubuntu on ec2. I have tried going back to windows occasionally, when I'm at a clients without the option of using my laptop, but TextMate is a deal breaker. Nothing else even comes close to comparing to it. I'll use vim remotely via a shell, but I'm too productive on TM to switch to any windows editor, ever.

I've also become hooked on a quicksilver and visor mix. For terminal and opening other programs there is nothing better or more effective that I have ever used at least.

I develop on a Windows XP at work using Aptana and I use OS X now freelance. I'm still using Aptana right now but I just downloaded Textmate so we'll see how that goes. I currently deploy on Centos.

I use Mac OS Leopard and Textmate and I deploy to Debian Etch. I still want to try out Netbeans for Rails development but I haven't gotten around to it yet ;-)

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