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Rails Hostings

Hi..all You all are rails User Please tell me what is the best and cheap Rails Hosting..?

Thanks & Regards Shyam shyam.heroku.com

I like www.webbynode.com

Thanks Victor I happy to see your reply

"Heroku":http://heroku.com is free and utterly painless if you're using Git.

gem install heroku
heroku create myapp
git push heroku master

App is now served at myapp.heroku.com time to start adding features

Any other suggestions?

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"webfaction.com":http://webfaction.com , they provide shared hosting but... provide VPS like feature e.g. ssh, can run custom compiled programs or libs, i mean you can install gem in home directory. full access to git, svn over http etc.


I have used both EngineYard and Heroku. I found Heroku much more simpler and easy to use. Heroku also provides lots of custom add-ons for monitoring the application.

Thanks, Nidhi Sarvaiya

I like this too www.webbynode.com

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8 Posts
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