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Need a partner/developer
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Need a partner/developer

Are you still looking for the same ?

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I would like to be part of your development team. Looking forward to your positive response.

Thank you.


Hey guys! This is smth like a suicide loveletter so I want to make it clear to the world: 1st of all - hey, wassup? 2. I need an experienced programmer who loves what he does. 3. I'm sick and tired of ppl who don't love their work 4. My PHP guys suck. I want ideas grow fast, all this "ok, I'll see what I can do" crap is nearly driven me mad. If I work and design fast, why should someone else lead the project to a slow death? 5. Yeah I'm a designer, not a coder and you've got it - I need someone cool to make great websites with. Fast. 6. Yeah I'm Russian, who cares? My English is good. 7. I'm normall very patient but my current PHP guys are killing me. 8. I'd really appreciate someone who hates slow and ugly work as I do and loves my design as much as I would love his programming. 9. okay now how you contact me? Via this site. Via my site. Via skype (religousfury). A you wish.

I know that sounds like a desperate call at a dating site )) 10 years of "normal" website development can drive anyone THAT mad ))

3 Posts
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