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New Rails Site - www.youhuntandfish.com
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New Rails Site - www.youhuntandfish.com

Rather good looking website. The only thing - maybe to add some relevant information?

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I think the layout of your site looks great, but the information in your site is not attractive much, especially, the color and the images of your website is not much good.

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I don't have any experience with ym4r-gm but I do have some solid understanding of "Eschaton":https://github.com/yawningman/eschaton by Yawningman. We used it as the mapping gem of choice for http://mapachat.com. What we used for markers was some simple javascript that passed an ajax request to an action passing the lat_min, lat_max, lng_min, lng_max of the tiles that the GMap class gave us and that action on the rails side simple pulls up all the objects that are within those boundaries, returns them as json, and we use it in a helper method in app/helpers/map_helper.rb to generate a google map (javascript style) and to add markers to the map for each object's location.

Eschaton worked wonderfully. I'm currently working on porting the application to Rails3.0.0 from Rails 2.3.5 and the plugin has worked wonderfully. Hope this helps you out and give me a buzz if you need a hand!

By the way, the application your working on sounds awesome and right up my alley!

I'm creating a new rails site with a friend www.youhuntandfish.com.

It's for sportsmen, and allows them to share stories, tips, and locations.

It's built on RoR, and uses the google maps API (ym4r gem).

I'm looking for advice, tips, and opinions from other rails developers. What do you think?

Also, is anyone using the ym4r gem in their project? It doesn't support the Google Maps V3 API. I'm wondering if it’s worth ditching the gem and writing the map javascript myself.

4 Posts
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