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www.rubyonrails.org was Hijacked /Hacked ???
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www.rubyonrails.org was Hijacked /Hacked ???

Hi I would like to bring this information to Rails community 2-3 days back few people started posting on their blogs claiming that www.rubyonrails.org has been hijacked Or Hacked!!

Although there was some problem with DNS Server/Hosting company of WWW.rubyonrails.org (probably some routing issue), Because of that when people tried to access the site.

they were redirected to some advertisement website., That was the temporary issue and has been resolved compleatly.... there is no problem with the site or application that runs it!!

www.rubyonrails.org was neither Hijacked nor Hacked!!.

for more details you can read the Web log of www.rubyonrails.org


here are few link u can go through about that issue: http://digg.com/programming/RubyOnRails_org_Hacked http://blog.kischuk.com/2008/04/20/rubyonrailsorg-hacked/ http://swik.net/Rails/Riding+Rails/rubyonrails.org+was+not+hijacked/b4iq8

So no need to panic....!!


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