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Heroku Invite

Hi everyone, Does anyone have an account with Heroku? if so could you give me an invite at the email rcwhite@colby.edu. I have been tasked with creating an app for my college and would love to be able to try Heroku, however I need to get it done by this weekend and would love to get an invite before the wait period.

Thanks a lot, Charlie

Thanks everyone, got one.

Hi Charlie

The site seems to be interesting, would like to explore a bit in it :) If you don't mind can you send me an invitation my mail address is balaji.ananthachari@gmail.com

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Heroku is very nice. It's limited in some ways, but that's mostly only noticeable to advanced RoR developers.


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Hi everyone, can anyone help me with heroku invite. my email id is bala.girisaballa@gmail.com


Can iI get an invite also?


6 Posts
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