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Git, SVN, or SVK? or ?
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Git, SVN, or SVK? or ?

Git is source code management system to keep the working directory centralized available to all working developers. We can maintain several branches, keep updating the code using check in and check-out . But What Actually Git . Need to know about Git . Please find explanation through this url http://mywayonrails.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/about-git/

Git is very fast and easy to use. Gives you a lot of options to work from, especially stashing and the separate concepts of commits and pushes. I was able to move my projects to Git very easily. You can also try Unfuddle as an alternative to GitHub. Provides cool interface and management (tickets, notebooks, milestones, etc)

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I'm using git on all of my personal projects, and the very first thing I did on my first day at work was convert from SVN to Git. It took maybe 20 minutes, if that.

Kevin said:

bq. But, you can find developers who are IMMEDIATELY familiar with svn today, but you’re likely going to have to train people on git

Not in the Rails community. Seems like everyone is using Git these days.

I've now more or less switched from Subversion to Git. Git takes some getting used to, but it so much more flexible than SVN, particularly when working away from an Internet connection.

Git user here again. Most things are moving that way, but as someone else said, make sure you know SVN as well if you want to go into a Rails job


Just in case you haven't made your decision yet, let me bring you an alternative perspective.

These days it seems that people are willing to "jump ship" to new technologies without really letting them bake. And, sometimes this can be good! But, with a development project that might have several developers, don't make a rash decision. The reason is, with version control, you have a lot of choices and not everyone is familiar with all of these technologies. From a technical standpoint, git offers some compelling functionality that svn doesn't. And really, svn offers compelling functionality that cvs doesn't. But, you can find developers who are IMMEDIATELY familiar with svn today, but you're likely going to have to train people on git (or at least reserve some time for them to learn it on their own).

Write down your needs to a list. Then, visit the websites for each of the tools, and compare whether or not they provide the functionality you need against that list. Use that to make your decision. If you have ties, then look toward the community to give you compelling reasons for which you should pick!

Good luck!


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I currently use bzr (= Bazaar-NG, http://bazaar-vcs.org/), and I've been experimenting a lot with Git lately. About a year ago, I used Subversion, but I wanted to switch to a distributed VCS. At that moment, it seemed bzr was the most stable amongst all DVCSes. Now, however, Git has become very popular, because it's used for Linux, because it's very good, and in the Ruby/Rails world because of GitHub (which is excellent BTW). bzr on the other hand has Canonical behind it, and is used for anything relating to Ubuntu. If I'd have to choose again, today, I'd probably choose for Git, and I'd use GitHub to make my code public to the world, especially for Rails-related code. But, that would mainly be because of the ecosystem surrounding it (GitHub, large, important projects using it, Rails adopting it, etc.), and not because it's technically superior to bzr (at least not that I know of, both are progressing very fast though, and all DVCSes are copying features from each other).

Mercurial. Netbeans, which I use for jruby development, has good support for it, thus it should also work good in windows if you need it.

I'm using Subversion. I'd like to try Git, but I have yet to see a solution for Rails plugins that doesn't involve a lot of kludges to replicate what SVN does easily with externals. When I see such a solution - - and when Mingle integrates with Git - - I will happily try it.

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