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Fix Adobe Flash Header in layout (not reload)
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Fix Adobe Flash Header in layout (not reload)

Hi Guys, I'm adding dynamic content to a web portal. The portal has a header with button in Adobe Flash that should be loaded only once, since it has to highlight the selected section. I used a unique layout that contains the header application.html.erb and I used yield to render to each section, as is normally used. The header is displayed correctly except for one detail:

The problem is that every time you select a section, the header is reloaded so the highlight effect is lost(in production mode too)

Somehow know that the header remains fixed. That is not to be reloaded each time you run a new action. (I'm trying to follow the DRY principle and not have a header for each section)

thank you very much

According to my understanding there is no ajax except menu items(Flash content ) all the contents are dynamic if it's then you need cache the flash content it will loading only one times after that , browser served it and also this content comes through web server (like Apache ) instead of application server , then your all effect(Highlight) will also show

Amit, thanks for responding.

It seems that might work. you know how to perform a partial cache? I was watching the following link: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/caching_with_rails.html and could do caching of an action (Rails gererated customers.html in the public dir )

I tried to do tests to make a partial cache, using:

  'shared / header'%>

It does't work. I'm forgetting something in the controller?

(another option I could think of is to use an iframe o frameset similar Rails Api site, but I don't know how build it to make it as consistent with the architecture of Rails).


3 Posts
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