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recreating database from cloned site?
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recreating database from cloned site?

Unfortunately, I don't have access to the database on the website creator's development server and there wasn't a schema file included in what I cloned. But knowing how it's created from the command you gave is a huge help (meaning, I can ask the website creator to make one for me). Thank you for responding!

I am not quite sure if I fully understand what you want to do but... You can use @mysqldump@ and @mysqlimport@ tools to move MySQL database from one server to another. If you have database in place and want to have db/schema.rb up to date just run

$ rake db:schema:dump

Do not forget to put your correct database connection settings in config/database.yml Hope it will help.

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I'm very new to RoR, but have worked with php and mySQL previously...

I've cloned our website from the development server from company that created it. There is a mySQL database associated with it. Attempting to recreate the database tables by hand from the looking through files seems a bit much (and not at all how it should be done). I've seen reference to a db/schema.rb file, but there isn't one in what I have. Is this what is needed to recreate the database? How else would I do it? I feel like there's something basic I'm just not getting in trying to recreate the database... Thank you in advance.

3 Posts
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