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Is the Ruby on Rails code source free?
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Is the Ruby on Rails code source free?

Hi to the community!

I would definitely appreciate if SO could tell me if the source code programmed by a web agency for a the website of is their ownership or not? I think as an open source framework, the source of ROR should be, right?

Well, I'm saying that because my programmer is trying to sell me the code he has developped for me and this is just out of my means. I really don't understand because I have paid for this work and now, he is trying to make me pay the source if I want to have access to it.

thanks for your advice in advance! Penelope

It depends on the contract you have with the agency. If they provided you a custom-made website development service, you should have the right to have it installed where you wish (your server, for instance).

But you probably don't own the code.

They can probably charge you for licensing source code ownership.

Rails is open source, but not everything built on top of Rails has to be.

Again, it depends on the innitial contract.

Thank you Pedro

3 Posts
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