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Remote Win32OLE

Hi all,

I am just getting started to learn ruby on rails.

I using WIN32OLE module to access my COM Object, that created using Delphi 5 (located in one computer with my rails application) and it's worked fine.

Here my simple code to access my com object...

my_com = WIN32OLE.new("MyServer.server") my_com.some_com_funtion(parameters) ...

Now, i am trying to access my COM Object from other computer directly. My aim is to separate my rails application and my COM Object, so that my rails application can be in Unix environment, and my COM object still in windows environment.

Does anybody have idea to do this? Is it possible to do this?

I think my rails application (in computer with Unix Environment) must define the IP Address and the port of my COM object (in computer with windows environment) when creating COM object, but i don't how to do this in "WIN32OLE.new" procedure.

Thanks in advance,

1 Post
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