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How to preserve the search page?
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How to preserve the search page?

Hi, I have created a search page, Filter(By default it shows all records). From there we can click on retrieved records to navigate to Edit page,

Now my requirement is - After editing a record in the Edit page when i click on a link(Back) i should be navigated to Filter page and all the search results should be preserved as before.

Just FYI, I have started working on rails since last 2 weeks so pls ignore if my requirement or description is not apt.

Thanks in advance, Sandeep N

Sandeep - can you give a little more info here?

Are you displaying a list of records (say users) and filtering out certain ones?

Or is this the results from a search form?

Please give as much of the story as possible


1) the first page(index page) displays all employee records. There is a filter section also for this page.

2) if we filter out few records(filter page) and then click on any of the employee number (i.e. a link to Edit page) it navigates to the Edit page.

Requirement: if we modify a record in Edit page and click the Back link i should see the filter page with all the records that i filtered in point 2.

Hope requirement is clear now. Pls revert back to me for any other info.

Thanks in advance, Sandeep N

If you woul like to hold your filter parameters after you go back to index page, try to store your parameters to session.


4 Posts
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