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Routing error


i am completely new to rails.. I was working on a project..I created a view file in html(i used frames) In the controller i gave def index render(:action => bye) end (bye is the html.erb file name i created..) but when i run webrick and type the url in mozilla i am getting a routing eror in all the frames... But when i try to open the frames one by one it works fine.. When i put all the frames in a single file and tried to run it didn't.. the error goes like this..

No route matches "/home/title.html.erb" with {:method=>:get}

Please help me......

hello rohith,

have you given 'bye' in strings in render ??

may be in one of the frame u used link_to for '/home/title.erb' that does not exist or you forgot to add title action in your routes.rb file.

i have done both...i gave it as string and i have added it in routes.rb

You need to use :site, :action => :index) # without custom routing %>

or you can map your routes and have this

Then in each frame src attr you need to embed the ruby generated urls.


Hope that helps.

Also I wasn't aware anyone still used frames, :S

5 Posts
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