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Get date of last login with restul authentication
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Get date of last login with restul authentication


I am using restful_authentication and was wondering if it is possible to get the last time (date) a user logged on the web, knowing that he may not have logout (only closed the browser.

Thanks Nicolas

restful_authentication actually supports a range of different auth types (cookie/persistence/basic auth) so it depends on which scenario youre using. That said tho - even when using a database it doesn't record the actual login time, etc. (it just compares the incoming credentials). Would be very easy to add a hook of your own in your generated model that recorded a user's last logged in time in the authenticate method.

thanks, I am using cookie sessions, do you suggest to add the date in the session?

restful_authentication does it self. you just have to add the attribute column that restful suggest. Just create user table with the columns suggested by restful_auth. You find your ans in "last_login_at" attribute

4 Posts
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