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problem with generating pdf file with prawn
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problem with generating pdf file with prawn

Hi all, I generated pdf file using prawn gem and prawnto gem .All working fine when i take

def show @attendence= Attendence.find(:all) end

but when i take

def show @attendence= Attendence.find(:all,:conditions => ["date >= ? AND date = ? AND date 'att.pdf', :type => 'application/pdf', :disposition => 'inline'




Running as: http://localhost:3000/attendence_report/att.pdf. please help me.

It dont make sense, @attendence from find.all or from find(:conditions) should be similar, a name value pair variable, only with different values.

Are you sure your find with conditions is returning values? I would print that out to make sure. Sometimes the silly simple thing is the answer.

Hi i changed code according to railscasts(prawn with pdfs).But still not working. Here is my code:


def show

@attendence= Attendence.find(:all,:conditions => ["date >= ? AND date { 0 => :left, 1 => :right, 2 => :right, 3 => :right }


When in index page i have startdate,enddate and grade selection. but i select these goes to show page and displays values then i have link to pdf.when i click link giving this error:

data must be a non-empty, non-nil, two dimensional array of Prawn::Cells or strings at pdf.table attendences. I removed table and verfied with pdf.text nothing is diaplying.please help anything wrong in passing variable to pdf.please help me

I would try the following.

instead of outputing the first_name try the count

@attendence= Attendence.find(:all,:conditions => ["date >= ? AND date


Thanks Tim It worked.

6 Posts
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