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remote_form_for parameters
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remote_form_for parameters

Hello everybody, I am trying a remote_form_for in a loop, but the parameters are not being passed to the controller, can anyone shed some light on this. Here's the code http://pastie.org/581180

You're creating multiple forms, but not giving them unique IDs. When you use the form helper to create a submit button for a remote_form_for, I believe it's writing some JS to do the AJAX request. In there it's probably finding the form by its ID; since all the forms have the same ID it's probably just finding the first one and submitting that.

Try adding an explicit ID to each form. You can look at the resulting JS in your browser to make sure each bit is referencing the proper form.

Still it wont work... I think I will have to look for some alternative way. Thnx

yes it gets the value of contact.id

any other suggestions ?

5 Posts
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