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xampp not working in localhost
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xampp not working in localhost

Hi all I installed xampp-win32-1.7.1-installer on windows xp .working fine from several days.but suddenly giving blank page when i run http://localhost/phpmyadmin.I reinstalled xampp but no use.please help me.

Hi Sravanthi,

This problem might occur when port no of Apache may be occupied by another software.

I think it's may be solve your problem.

Previously i got the same problem. Port no 80 of Apache was occupied by Skype. Then changed skype port no by selecting settings options in skype. Then both started working properly.

Hi anus, Thanks for reply.But i don't have skype in system and 80 port running on apache only.

hi Sravanthi if u want to check the port no occupied by Apache...

then go to c/xampp check the xampp-portcheck file. You'll get the information of port occupied by Apache.

4 Posts
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