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Create an XML "file" in memory
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Create an XML "file" in memory

Raul Rubio I pass The xml in this formet


Xml Start

Reporting screenshot from Mint http://www.haveamint.com


xml End to show the videos i write this in my public folder but i want to pass images and link from my database so how i have to do Thanks Amit Agarwal

Hi i create the xml file in my public folder and i want to pass some value from my database so i will do this. Thanks Amit Agarwal

Please provide some more info about how you are using the xml. Is there a flash object looking for a file somewhere or is there some other situation going on here?

hi i want to pass a list of playlist in my video so i have used xml for this but it did not reflect any thing on that so how i can do that Thanks Amit Agarwal

Thanks for the reply. I figured it out. But here's my code and solution.

My partial looks like this:

In the javascript, the parameter called 'xml:' is where you specify the path to the xml file spelling out the image paths you want to show. Previously I was using send_data to stream a file straight to that parameter but it was just rendering in the browser. But it expects a path to a file. So I created a controller action that triggers the xml send_data method and using url_for, all is well.

I hope this was clear enough to help someone else.

It depends on what your partial is doing. If your partial expects a params like hash, you could use Hash.from_xml to parse the XML and turn it into a Hash. Otherwise, please post the details of the partial.

I have a Flash gallery object that takes an xml file as a parameter to load the images. Creating the xml file is not a problem, I already handled that. My problem is that I have a bunch of these galleries all over my site and the XML is created dynamically from my database and I don't want to have to worry about reading/writing/updating a bunch of xml files for this purpose. First, I think it will unnecessarily slow. Second, I have to worry about deleting and recreating the xml files to keep them up to date, different file names for everything, etc., etc.

Can I create a file named "gallery.xml" in memory and pass it into my partial's javascript to fill in the param? An xml string doesn't work. Already tried it. I also tried using send_data like this:

send_data stream, :filename => 'gallery.xml', :type => 'text/xml', :disposition => 'inline

but that just returns the (properly formatted) xml back to the browser.

7 Posts
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