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importing data from excel file into mysql database
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importing data from excel file into mysql database

how can i import data from my csv file to mysql is there any solution using fasterCSV

require 'win32ole' def import_xls

  if (params[:button1] == "Excel TO MySQL" )
   puts "im in"
    # file="C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\Desktop\\Excel1.xls"
     puts file  
     application = WIN32OLE.new("Excel.Application")
     worksheet = application.Workbooks.Open(file).Worksheets("Sheet1")
   row =1 
   column =1 
    while(row  'index' 

end # end of import_xml

----------------------------------------- END OF IMPORTING -----------------

Here's a sample that I use:

require 'fastercsv'

class Account < ActiveRecord::Base

  Name       = 2
  Created_At = 1
  Email      = 13
  Contact    = 12
  DOB        = 17
  Balance    = 6
  def self.create_from_csv(csv_file)
    FasterCSV.parse(csv_file.read, :headers => true).each do |row|
      account = find_or_create_by_name row[Name]
      account.update_attributes(:created_at => row[Created_At],
                                :email      => row[Email],
                                :contact    => row[Contact],
                                :dob        => row[DOB])

      account.transactions.create(:amount => row[Balance],
                                  :date   => Date.today,
                                  :notes  => 'Imported balance')

3 Posts
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