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Handling session variables with mutiple controllers, within a single Rails app.?
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Handling session variables with mutiple controllers, within a single Rails app.?

Hi, I am having a problem with using session variables. I have two controllers named 'graduate_students_controller' and 'current_students_controller'. Each of these controllers control different view files. But these controllers and view files belong to the same Rails app. I am using session variables with both these controllers to store session information.

Here's the problem. Let's say I have two view files 'reports/current_students_list', 'reports/graduate_students_list' each controlled separately by the above mentioned controllers.

If I try to open those two web pages from within the same browser and try to work with them simultaneously, I get 'nil object access' error from the firstly loaded page. The 'nil object' refers to a session variable that the first page is supposed to access. However, when I use any of those two web applications individually, they work fine.

The session variables that these two controllers are accessing don't have common names. So there is no reason for a session variable to be overwritten unless the secondly loaded web page is storing a new cookie over the existing one(the one that firstly loaded page has stored) ? This is the only logical reason I can think of. But how can you fix something like this? anyone encountered a similar situation before?

I am using rails version 2.2.2

How do I fix this?

Any suggestion is much appreciated.

I got it fixed. for anyone looking for the solution to a similar problem: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1115886/rails-how-can-you-access-session-variables-using-multiple-controllers

2 Posts
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