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changing base url
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changing base url


Putting this in your controller/application.rb should do what you are looking for.

def default_url_options(options)

{ :host => 'www.frames.com/myapp' }


thnx for the reply tried it but it just adds the url to the end of the original base url... so now it looks something like: www.ror.com/www.frames.com/myapp god this is annoying...

try to add in routes.rb after ActionController::Routing::Routes.draw do |map| this line ActionController::AbstractRequest.relative_url_root = "http:// www.frames.com/myapp" I used it to change relative_url, but not to another domain. I hope this helps

Hey, I have a rails app that is viewed in a frame of another site. My problem is all my 'links' and 'redirects' (basically anything that relates to 'url_for') are directing out of the frame and present the links on their own...I'll try to explain better:

Lets say my domain is: www.ror.com my home page is www.ror.com/home/index but u should view it using: www.frames.com/myapp/home/index (meaning my site should be viewed only through a frame in the www.frames.com website) from the home page u can move with a link to a different page: lets say: link_to('link' :action => 'show') now when u press the link the browser will go to www.ror.com/home/show but I want it to go to www.frames.com/myapp/home/show

In short I want to replace the base of all my urls from 'www.ror.com' to 'www.frames.com/myapp'

Thnx !

4 Posts
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