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File upload

I'm happy with paperclip and I think I'll stick to it. But could someone tell me where I could find the content types for docx, xlsx, pptx? I've googled and found this link (http://www.bram.us/2007/05/25/office-2007-mime-types-for-iis/) but that didn't work.

Hi Wouter,

i have used attachement_fu and file_column plugins in many of my projects. i have not faced any problem with them. these are good and mostly used in rails applications. why don't you try fle_column plugin, its some what simple to use compared to attachement_fu.

Thank You, Uma.

Hi Adam, I've taken a look at Paperclip and it's the plugin I was searching for. I don't understand why upload column didn't work, multipart was already present in my form

First of all, don't forget that you have to set multipart to true in the html options for your form in order for the file upload to work.

Other than that I haven't had problems making attachment_fu work in the past. However, I've found that I prefer the Paperclip plugin from Thoughtbot. I find it's simpler, and it generally does everything I want.


I'm looking for a simple way to upload files to my website. I've tried attachement_fu but there is some kind of problem that makes it impossible to use it. (the files don't appear on the system, neither in the db).

SO my question is, do you guys know a good plugin that can handle file (pdf, word, ...) uploads?


5 Posts
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