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how to create images with dynamic text using RoR
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how to create images with dynamic text using RoR

Yeah.... Really Thanks for your Idea.. yes its similar kind of watermarking...

What you want to do is easy with RMagick. Without specifics I think you are trying to do some kinda of captcha like text to image. Or watermarking. Look at the RMagick api for more info, here is an example. http://rmagick.rubyforge.org/watermark/watermark.html

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Hi to all,

Here is the good question for Rails expert. can you any please help me to solve this issue..

In one of my Rails web application, i need to create images with dynamic text. I found the solution for this task in PHP. But i need the same processes to do in Rails. Below is the URL which i found the solution in PHP.



P.Gokula murthy

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